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Singapore Tops Global Government Efficiency Rankings for Second Consecutive Year Led by Strong Leadership, Institutional Capacity, and Market Appeal

Despite a slight decline in its financial governance performance, Singapore has once again clinched the top spot in the global government efficiency rankings, thanks to its exceptional leadership, government capabilities, and market attractiveness.

According to the latest Chandler Good Government Index report, Singapore ranks first in three key indicators - leadership and foresight, strong institutions, and market attractiveness. Besides Singapore, the top 10 spots are all occupied by European countries, with South Korea and Japan ranking 20th and 22nd respectively, the highest among Asian nations.

Notably, Singapore's financial governance performance slipped from the top position last year to second place, trailing the United Arab Emirates. However, the country has shown improvements in the areas of legal and policy framework, as well as global influence and reputation. The indicator for improving people's well-being saw a decline from the second to the fourth position.

The report emphasizes that a good government not only needs to address current challenges but also prepare the nation for future developments. While Singapore has achieved technological advancements in governance, it continues to work on renewing the social contract with its people. The report also highlights Singapore's efforts to capitalize on the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence development and tackle healthcare challenges through initiatives like the HealthSG program.

Overall, Singapore's sustained top ranking in global government efficiency is a testament to its exceptional leadership, institutional capacity, and market appeal, reflecting its excellence in governance.

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