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  • Zen Chong

Over 200 People Became Singapore PR Through Global Investor Programme (GIP) in the Past 3 Years

In the past three years, about 200 overseas investors have successfully become permanent residents of Singapore through the Global Investor Programme (GIP) under the Singapore Economic Development Board. The GIP, managed by Contact Singapore, aims to attract entrepreneurs and investors to invest in Singapore and create job opportunities. The specific data was revealed by the Minister for Trade and the Minister of the Culture, Community, and Youth Ministry Low Yen Ling during a parliamentary session. These investors who became permanent residents come from various fields, including technology, urban solutions, sustainable development, and financial services. Furthermore, from 2011 to 2020, these investors brought in more than SGD 5.46 billion in direct investments and created over 24,000 jobs through the programme. The Minister also stated that the number of investors who become permanent residents through the GIP is less than 1% of the annual approved permanent residents, and the exact number of an who become Singapore citizens is unknown. All individuals who apply to become Singapore citizens, including permanent residents under the GIP, undergo independent assessment by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

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